Book cover updated! Yeah!

I wanted to play around a bit with the cover of the Learn Gimp book. So I decided I should ask my friends to choose the next cover.

Using Google Docs I’ve created a poll, and asked everyone who participated to ask two questions about the following images:


1st: Which cover design is the most appealing to you?

While I was very much fond of the first design (regardless of the fact that the text is not totally see through…) the results showed different. Here marked as orange, as many as 59% of the voters choose the third design.


Knowing that it is one thing to like a cover and that it is different to think it’s relevant to the topic, I had a second question.


A stunning 81% thought that the 3rd cover makes sense for the topic.

As these covers were only for proofing the ideas I sat down today to finish the 3rd cover. I wanted to make something nice out of the filter effect I started with the flowers. So I removed every layers that affected the middle parts of the cover and I realized, that I like the cover as it is.

So here we go:


Now it’s time for split testing! I will leave this cover on for 2 weeks and make sure my sales either stay or increase. If this cover (for whatever reason) turns away my readers, I need to take actions.

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