The Door – book cover

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nap after lunch…

Not much to do between the holidays so I headed to bed right after lunch. While I could not sleep, I did not mind because I was thinking about ideas for an ebook cover.

I had an idea for a novella, something a bit mysterious, but not necessarily scary. Hence I wanted to give a drawn feeling to the cover.

Got up, and searched on the net for images about doors. Hmm… this sounds very, very strange 🙂

Anyway, I ran into this site:

I have found an image and decided to give it a go. Let’s see the result!


For the title I used a thick font, that stands out well if it’s seen in stamp size. For the (fake) author name I went with something more literal.

As a final touch, to stress the mystery part, I added a spider web.


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